AI Prototype

About: A Prototype project based on AI that learns about the player through his/her interaction with the scene.

Software Used: UE4, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS max

Platform: PC, Xbox

In  Development for: 7 Months

Screenshot of a minion AI chasing the player on the parent AIs command.


Playable prototype puzzle escape game based on AI that learns from how the player is playing and interacting to its space-station environment in the scene. The players objective is to escape the station by collecting keys to unlock the station’s shuttle while eluding the AI and its many minions AI robots that are spawned into the scene by the AI.

The project also contains an element of procedural generation giving the player the option of generating different puzzle key locations.


Screenshot of the Parent AIs Behavioral tree.

Screenshot of the Hide and Seek Behavioural tree.