Games Technical Design Portfolio


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Character Design Project

Character design project based on a yin and yang balance theme made within a dungeon crawler framework.


Meltdown Third Person Game

Timer rescue survival game where the player must rescue as many people as possible before the torchlight runs out. Made between a team of talented students.

Exo-Moon Published Mobile Game

2D sandbox game shooter collect game, published to the Android and IOS stores.

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Prototype AI Project

Artificial intelligence project where the player must survive against the AI, which is constantly monitoring the environment around the player. While adapting and learning to the player's progression and interaction with the environment, and employing different security countermeasures in an attempt to stop the player from escaping.

Galactic Golf Game

Futuristic Mini-golf game set on an alien planet, where the player competes against AI within zero gravity environment. Currently in further development for a future release on the Steam platform.

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Find and Fight Prototype Multiplayer Game

Online multiplayer prototype arena game. Where players compete against one another to collect a number of items while also having to defend against AI.​