Yin and Yang character Design

About: Dungeon crawler character design project

Software Used: UE4, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Draw.io

Platform: PC 

In Development for 3 Months

Sources of art content used: UE4’s Paragon and Infinity Blade game asset packs.


Yin and Yang themed character design project, made within a dungeon crawler framework in Unreal engine. This project entails the design and development of two characters, Tao of the Yin and Dao of the Yang. Each character has four abilities and one passive ability. Tao with more defensive abilities using them to avoid and defend against foes with an ability switching contral to the character Dao who has more offensive abilities for aggression and battling foes. With both characters within a balance of relying on one another in combat. This project also incorporates the design and development of AI for battling with the characters.

 Additional Design

Each character also has unlockable traits and talents through leveling the characters. 

Planning and Inspiration

While planning this project the goal was to create a character/s from a theme, similar to characters from popular MMO titles games like League of Legends. Inspiration for this project was also gained from the main protagonists in the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Above is a planning table for the design of Tao’s abilities

Above is a planning table for the design of Dao’s abilities

AI Boss character behavioral tree